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Different Types Of Water Softeners

Water softening is essential to remove hardness of water in households and companies. There are several negative effects of hard water that is not softened including pipe clogging, lime scale depositing, galvanic corrosion and many others.

There are different types of water softening systems that caters to the need. The following is a description of the types available

Ion-exchange softeners

According to, most conventional appliances meant to be used in households rely on the ion-exchange method. It is the most commonly seen system used for water softening. Ion-exchange softeners adopt the system of exchanging ions that cause hardness of water such as Calcium and Magnesium with sodium and potassium ions, thereby reducing hardness of water. Ion exchanging properties are also present in Zeolites, which can be administered for the same process in the form of ion exchange resins.

Salt-free softeners

Salt free softeners are also called descaling systems. In this type of softening system, The water experiences a sifting media, and the atoms are rebuilt as they move through the tank. The new structure of the atoms disturbs the current mineral set up in funnels, pipelines and apparatuses as the water moves through, successfully de-scaling the plumbing framework.

Salt free water conditioner systems combat many of the significant downsides of the ion-exchange framework of water softening. There is no use of chemicals and hence, so you aren’t adding synthetic elements into the drinking water or discharging them into the wastewater bodies allowing you to start drinking happily.

Reverse Osmosis Softeners

This type of softening incorporates the principles of applying a pressure gradient. It is the most widely accepted non-chemical method for softening. The pressure gradient is applied over a semi penetrable membrane to beat osmotic pressure and expel water particles from the arrangement with hardness particles. The membrane has pores big enough to allow for the passage of ions other than hardness causing ions which cannot pass through the pores.

The subsequently obtained soft water is devoid of hardness without the external addition of any ions

Magnetic Softeners

Another non-chemical method of softening is that magnetic field method. This uses magnets in or around water pipes so the attractive field will adjust the water ion composition. The inconvenience is that water will come back to its hard form within 48 hours once the magnetic field strength reduces. If you are looking for some of the best shower valves which can work with hard water, check out

Water softening is very important in households and in industrial set ups. Softened water is not suitable for use in the agricultural domain as the water devoid of calcium and magnesium ions can result in the formation of alkali soils.

10 Best Travel Tips to Rome

Traveling to Rome can be a great experience. The city is rich in both history and culture. There are 10 travel tips to Rome to help make sure that a person has a good time.

Eat at L’Oasi Della Birra

This restaurant has some of the best food in the city and there is a huge selection of wine. The view faces a piazza and there is also a buffet setting offered. There are cheeses and cured meats to snack on and a number of homemade dishes.

Visit MAttatoio di Roma

This is a huge building that has been refurbished into a museum of contemporary art where they don’t use the standard french press size. This part of town also has nightclubs for those that want to go out and have some fun at night.

Al Ristoro Degli Angeli

This is a great neighborhood restaurant. The food is great but there is limited seated. The design is classic Roman. When a person visits this establishment, they should try the Cacio e Pepe which is a pasta dish with plenty of flavor and cheese.

Casetta Rossa

This restaurant has limited seating but there is plenty of room in the gardens outside. They are the host of a number of cultural events. The menu changes with the season to stay up to date on the fresh ingredients.

Escosolidale Market

This vintage market is a great place to find deals on designer items. All of the proceeds from the items that are purchased go to charity and it is fun to look through the vintage items. There are some designer items that can be found at cheap prices.

Cimitero Acattolico

This cemetery is non-Catholic and is very old. Many people come to see the stones of poet John Keats. There are a number of monuments and each of the graves tells its own story.

Trattoria Zampagna

This is the place where Saint Paul was said to be been buried. It is the second largest church in the city. A person can also get a good meal while they take in the culture and history.

Flavio al Velavevodetto

This restaurant has a glass for walls and there are clay pots that are centuries old. There are some unique food options here such as pasta with chicken giblets. If a person is looking to be brave they can enjoy some of the best food in Rome.

Felice a Testaccio

This is a favorite place where the locals like to eat. The square spaghetti is the best in the city. The sauces are slow cooked and allowed to simmer so they get the full flavor.

Latteria Garbatella

This is a great place to sit outside and enjoy a cocktail. This cocktail bar is great for the hipster crowd and there is plenty of space. It is surrounded by some historic sites and the drinks are the best in the city.

These are some of the best places to check out while in Rome. They are not traditional tourist attractions but they are loved by the locals and are worth visiting.